CFO Services designed for your growing business

Accelerate your growth with expert CFO support, delivering precise budgets and high-impact financial strategies.

Full strategic finance support

Our CFO Services Include:

For ongoing support to grow your business

Monthly Engagement

Ongoing CFO support, dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month your CFO can:

  • Review your financial health and processes
  • Maintain and enhance operating budget & financial forecast
  • Support vendor contract review & negotiations
  • Conduct strategic analyses and provide recommendations for sales efficiency, retention, benchmarking and more

Starts at 5 hours/month

Annual Budgeting & Forecasting

Accurate budgets and forecasts built for you. Our CFOs will analyze your business drivers to build a custom forecast for:

  • Revenue
  • COGS
  • Employee expenses
  • Operating expenses and more


Tapestri CFO Services is a product offering from We do not provide any full-time or part-time corporate officers.

4090 Valuation Financial Model

Tapestri Services offers financial modeling support for your 409A valuation, including developing operating forecasts and coordinating with your 409A provider.

Ready to unlock unparalleled growth? Enlist the expertise of our CFOs.

Let’s build your business.

Accelerate your growth

Develop financial strategies and models that boost cash flow, enhance profitability, and optimize key metrics like customer cohort analysis, sales efficiency (LTV and CAC), and more.

Increase control over your finances

Navigate your company’s trajectory with precision using accurate forecasts and budgets. We construct this foundation block-by-block, encompassing revenue, net income, and beyond.

Avoid costly pitfalls

Establish a robust financial infrastructure and impeccable hygiene that sets the stage for growth and leaves a lasting impression on investors. We cover everything from billing to expense reimbursement and beyond.

Discover why thriving businesses trust Tapestri’s CFO Services

Deep expertise

Experience working with the best in the field. Our expert team comprises former founders, startup operators, seasoned finance executives, and successful VCs who have collectively raised over $1 billion and nurtured the growth of hundreds of businesses.

Custom financial support

Crafting sophisticated financial strategies tailored to your business and growth stage is our expertise. With a track record of serving over 1,000 companies, we harness insights and expertise from various industries to provide you with the best possible solutions.

High impact

Whether you require assistance with budgeting or fundraising, rest assured that our team of proven, trusted experts is here to help you unlock your growth potential.

Count on Tapestri Services for dependable, customized support. Their invaluable feedback on my board decks is consistently insightful and immensely valuable.
– Client

Your full finance stack

Tapestri Services goes above and beyond CFO services, providing comprehensive solutions for all your business’s financial management needs.


Our team of expert bookkeepers is backed by robust software, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy in your books. Moreover, enjoy industry-specific reports that showcase the metrics that truly matter for your business.


Experience seamless handling of your tax preparation and bookkeeping in one place. We take care of filing your business income taxes, including 1099 filings, as well as local and federal tax returns, ensuring full compliance with the IRS.


Experience the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of our payroll services. We ensure accurate and timely payment distribution, handle tax withholdings and deductions, and stay up to date with changing regulations.

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